Monday, November 26, 2007

I almost shopped till I dropped

I went to Bayshore AND Rideau Center today to find boots (The Bay, Spring, Soft Moc, Feet First, Aldo, even Sears!...) and NOTHING. Argh.

I hate having cold feet. There is nothing worse. I need my tootsies to be warm when I take Carson out for our daily walks, and at work. The search will continue... no matter how much I enjoy shopping - I am getting a tad annoyed with my lack of success.

Thanks for the comments ladies! I find Sorels super heavy (at least the pair that I tried on) and just so clunky that it's hard to walk in them! But Julie, if you could find a picture of the ones you bought that would be awesome. Anne - I walked by Armstrong and Richardson the other day and looked in but didn't think I would find anything good in there. Boo! I have to go back today to Billings Bridge anyways (I got Carson's picture taken with Santa Claus!) so I'm going to stop in, thanks!

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desajair said...

A pair of toasty warm Soreals won't cut it?

Julie said...

hey christy,

Last week at school i was about to cry because my feet were wet and cold (damn downtown montreal and its slush!) anyways i last-minute stopped into Globo and i found a pair of thinsulate Sorels for 99.99$ they are not sexy, LOL, but they are cute for Sorels, and I wore them today they were sooooo warm and not one drop of water entered. I think these would be perfect for you. I'll try to post a pic later or find it online.

Anne said...

I bought the best boots ever last year at Armstrongs and Richardsons. So good I can go out barefoot in them. Check it out. Not cheap, but so worth is. I don't remember the brand though, it's Swiss I think.

CaRoLyN said...

Comfy ANd stylish boots are almost a distant dream. It's so hard to find nice ones! I wish you luck!!