Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I went to Costco this morning...

(to return a winter jacket I bought there this summer, I bought a large and I'm swimming in it, so I went to return it. Looking back, I remember my mom bought it. I wanted brown and she saw one at the Innes Costco so picked it up for me. I don't have the receipt and it was 79.99 marked down to 19.99 so if my mom returns it she'll get the full amount back. I love how they can plug in your Costco card and see exactly what you bought and for how much, just in case you lose your receipt!)

And I was disappointed that they no longer have two things that I go to Costco for!

Tilapia filets (mmmm so good)
Goat's cheese (they had goat's cheese already crumbled, way less of a mess then when you have to crumble it yourself)

That's the 3rd and 4th things that they have gotten rid of that became staples in our household. They get you all wrapped in and then bam! They take it right from under your nose!

And I bought boots. I'm not ecstatic about them, but they are the best I have found. I went for comfort and warmth over style. Funnily enough, they were the first pair of boots I tried on this season. It's like a wedding dress... you always buy the first one you try on. Or maybe not. They are just boots.

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Julie said...

hey christy, im glad you found boots. mine too were the first pair i tried on. I usually hate sorels because of their bulkyness but the ones i got are so light its insane and thin! (they are thinsulate) i need boots that i can walk downtown a lot in and i like to walk quickly and these boots fit my expectations. anyways if you get a chance i would still go take a look at globo. perhaps they were new?
btw, in response to your questionaire post, all of my dad's side of the family lives in montebello! lol its so weird because i always feel like no one knows about this beautiful town because its in the boonies. Also, my sister is in boarding school there right now called " Sedbergh" its such an amazing school!

Amuldoon said...

I was friggin so pissed at Costco last week when I discovered no friggin crumbled goats cheese. I eat that shit on everything.

AND, they took away my favorite salad that had white balsamic, cranberries and feta. DAMN YOU COSTCO.