Monday, January 21, 2008


So I was thinking last night, while trying to sleep, that I think I've finally became comfortable with who I am. I no longer am trying to impress people, or trying to dress or look or BE like someone else. I'm me, and happy with just who exactly I am and what I look like. I think becoming a mom has alot to do with it.

Sorry my posts are so "all about me" and nothing too interesting about how to be healthy, but it was important for me to get these thoughts down. I always feel better when I write about things. So thanks for listening. I'll try to get on a different subject soon :)

Oh, and Anne? We went to 9 (the old Firestation) in the market. This group of girls knows all the DJs around Ottawa so we got on the VIP list or something, so it was an upstairs part, not near the dance floor, and it was quite nice and not too crazy.

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Sonya said...

That's amazing Christy - I think it takes a lifetime for some to figure out who they are. You're right, though - motherhood has a lot to do with it.

You look SMOKING in your pictures by the way! No one would guess you're a mommy to a toddler! You go!