Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Focus on Healthy

As I sit here eating my lunch (I should be downstairs, taking time to eat instead of at my desk, but I'm swamped and don't want to feel TOO bad about taking tomorrow off), I'm thinking about the changes I'm trying to make.

I was talking to a girlfriend the other day about how I'm trying so hard to cut out processed foods (I was relating it to how I feed Carson) and really try to focus on giving good, wholesome, healthy, goodforyou types of food. It's just not about losing weight, it's being good to your body and living a healthy lifestyle. At least that's what it is for me. I'm not as focussed on the scales as I was, if I stay at a size 10 knowing that I'm eating well, exercising, following the 8 healthy guidelines (or however many there are...) then I'll be happy. Even if I can't wear a bikini. I don't want to focus on calories, on low fat foods, on artificial things to trick my body into thinking they are getting something they aren't. I want to fully understand what my body needs, why, and how I can go about doing that.

I just found a new blog called Kath Eats Real Food and it seems like she's doing what I can only hope to be doing sometime soon. So far, I love the blog, it's jam packed with great information, recipes, all done with a smile.

Another site that looks fabulous as well is Eating the Perimeter, you know, of the grocery store, which I find super helpful to my goal of taking out all (or at least 99%) processed foods.

I found both these blogs through Merestone, whom I found through Marie, so thank you for posting about them! I love when people link to other people's blogs, because if I am reading THEIR blog (I only read blogs that I enjoy, that are helpful, motivating, inspirational...) then anything they are reading will most likely interest me too! Does anyone know if you can link to anyone's blog you want, or should I be asking permission before I link to their blog?

I've also bookmarked News Target, which was introduced to me by a friend of my husband who, together with his wife, are probably two of the craziest health nuts I've ever met. I have mixed opinions about the site, but there's for sure lots of good information, so long as you weed out the crazy stuff.

Anyways, I've now finished my delicious white bean chili (from ESBM), which I will fully admit when I first made it (I made it with the only intention of freezing it for lunches) I didn't think it was that great, but reheated? It's delicious. And filling. And easy to make. Yum! So back to work...

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Mina said...

thanks for the links to Kathy eats and eating the perimeter. great sites. I can't believe Kathy actually takes a picture at every meal but whatever works to keep you accountable I'm all for. As for linking to another site. I guess ask, but if you are a regular reader/commenter I would just add it without really thinking about it. as for sites that you love just because I'd link away!!!!

Sonya said...

Hey there,

Thanks for posting all of those great links! I don't think you need to ask for permission before you link to someone. Usually, they're on the web because they want readers, so I'm sure they'd be glad for the referral.:-)

You're doing amazing - keep up the great work! What's the name of the coffee place that kicks Starbucks' ass? I wonder if we have one here in the T-dot.

I'm angsting about going back to work right now. But in a good way - I'm excited, nervous, butterflies, etc. If you have any words of wisdom, I'd appreciate it.

ALLA a.k.a green girl said...

hi Christy,

good for you for trying to eliminate processed foods! I think you're doing awesome and are on the right path!
I have the same goals - I only eat home-cooked meals now (I happen to love cooking, so that helps). I also search for new blogs and sites that inspire you to eat in a healthy/wholesome way.

I always find inspiration on this site:
It's great for making yourself feel good about what you're eating! :)

JavaChick said...

I try really hard to limit processed foods, but I am a ridiculously fussy eater and I like suppers during the week to be pretty low-effort, so it's not always easy. Definitely a good goal to work toward though.