Monday, January 28, 2008

New week, new me.

Saturday was the pits. After my wonderful day on Friday I woke up in a sour mood and couldn't shake it all day. I didn't get anything done that I wanted to (although we did bring Carson to visit his partner in crime, Justen, but that's about it). Then when Carson napped, I napped. The only thing I DID do was eat. And eat and eat. I was just in a foul mood and was having "fat person" thoughts. I figured if I wasn't losing weight (actually GAINING some) then I may as well eat food to warrant the gain. It was a yuck day and come 10pm I was happy to see it end.

The next day I woke up, feeling guilty, and although we went to my brother and sister in law's house for a wonderful brunch, which I normally would gobble all the beautiful food, I had one small plate with some eggs, a piece of bacon, and half a bagel with a smidgen of cream cheese. Then, feeling proud of myself, when Carson went down for a nap, I headed to the gym. That's right. You heard me. The GYM. I got my pass back last week and I've been to the gym maybe a dozen times since I got pregnant. I spent an hour on the treadmill, playing around with the incline and my speed. My legs are sore today, and I'd forgotten how much I missed that feeling.

Then I went home, made tomato sauce and a spaghetti sauce (had to use up stuff in my fridge), we had a nice family dinner, I ate within my points, did a whole bunch of laundry and was in bed at 9pm and asleep probably 2 minutes later.

I guess I'm proud that I didn't let Saturday's day from hell turn into the weekend from hell (in terms of eating) and that I used it to motivate me. I'm feeling wonderful today, with a smile on my face and no more fat person thoughts... I'm thinking like a skinny person now.

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Kate said...

Great job not letting Saturday's bad day (I so had one too!), turn into a bad weekend, and into a bad week, etc. Your on the right track!

JavaChick said...

After a few weeks of doing really well, I was up on my weigh-in on Friday and then had a really bad weekend. Maybe it was in the air or something.

Glad you are back in the groove...I'm working on it!

FatMom said...

It can be hard to keep the 'fat demons' at bay, but it sounds as if you did! Congratulations!!

Anne said...

Very proud of you! I'm sure you'll have a great week!