Friday, January 25, 2008


This week has been awesome on all fronts.

Food - I've been eating about 20-22 pts a day and I haven't been hungry, haven't been craving sweets, haven't eaten any processed foods, my carb intake has been kept to a minimum, we've tried two new recipes and I've been eating lots of fruit and tons of veggies. For some reason it's easier for me to eat veggies then it is fruit....

Home - has been great. We've been having such a fun week with Carson (except Tuesday, he wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to bed at 5:30, we held off till maybe 6), he's just hilarious. We've been spending time outdoors (the only form of exercise I've been getting), I've been organized, getting lots of sleep, making all my lunches, having healthy dinners and snacks... awesome.

Work - wonderful. Honestly, before I started this job and heard other people say they love their job? I thought they were lying. But with this job there hasn't been one day that I've groaned about having to come to work. I love it. Everything about it.

Exercise - I definitely could be improving here. Making it to the gym ONCE next week will be an improvement.

Clothes - have been fitting perfectly. I'm slowly inching my way back to a size 8, but honestly (and I'm not just saying this), I will be OK if I'm a size 10. I don't look at myself every morning (any more) and wishing I was skinnier. I quite like the way I look, I like the way my clothes fit, I like my hair, I like my face, I like everything about me. Ok, not my stomach, but I don't wear bikinis or anything showing my stomach, so who cares. I can deal with this when I'm done with babies.

I'm excited for the weekend. We are going to my mom and ricky's for dinner (ricky leaves for Florida for a month on Monday), then swimming tomorrow, friends over tomorrow night (mental note: call friends and ask if they want to come for dinner), breakfast with the family on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon hopefully a playdate. Busy Busy Busy, but fun!

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Anne said...

You're doing so well! Have a great weekend!