Friday, February 1, 2008

Gyming it

So yesterday afternoon when we were let go from work, I thought I'd come home and veg out till Carson woke up from his nap and then pick him up from care. I got home, saw a car in my driveway and remember that our cleaning lady was here today. So, I thought about my options. To the gym it was! And it was a great cardio session.

My problem? I love cardio. I only love strength training in a group environment, and said group environment does NOT include GoodLife classes (sorry, I don't enjoy them at all). So, can you all remind me why strength training is a good idea and all the reasons why I shouldn't focus only on cardio? It's like when I was running, I never wanted to do a slow run, I felt like I was getting more out of it when I ran faster. Anyways, if I promise to make it to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week, how should I break it up? And I only really have an hour, if I want to fit everything else in as well. 3 * 40 minutes of cardio and then 3 * 20 minutes weights?

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Jennifer said...

You know what, I hate strength training too. I find that it takes up too much time because there are so many weight machines to do and not enough time. I do a 30-minute run 3 times a week, and taking boxing as much as I can (to try and get some strength training in). But yeah, it's hard when you're pressed for time, and unfortunately I don't have any suggestions :0(