Monday, February 4, 2008

How does this sound?

My weekend was GREAT WW-wise, I drank all my water, ate within my points and made it to the gym twice!

It sounds way better then the truth, I'll say that much!

My actual weekend was sheit WW-wise. I ate chocolate, bread, dip, chips, chicken fingers, fries... and the list goes on. I didn't make it to the gym at all. The scale shows I'm up 5 lbs too.

BUT. I spent a great weekend with good friends! AND I'm back on track starting this morning. AND I won't let the guilt take me down.

I'm sad. I was reading Amy's blog and she was saying how running is her thing. Did you know it used to be mine? I've run 2 half marathons (2:04 and 2:13) and a dozen or more 10Ks. I was a great runner, I loved it and I was good at it. I dont't think I can rightfully say I am a runner anymore. I stopped running in the summer when I hurt my knee and haven't really gotten back to it. I tried running at the gym, but honestly? I hate running on the treadmill. I never get into a runner's zone and am always watching my footing rather then concentrating on my breathing. I only like to run outside. And I used to LOVE running in the winter, I'd get all bundled up and head out. Now I cringe when I think of running outside. So as soon as the weather gets a bit nicer, you'll hear me talk about running again, and hopefully I'll be able to say once again "I'm a runner"

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Kate said...

I'm sure the chips, dip, etc had a ton of salt in it, so I would attribute a large portion of the 5lb gain to water weight..Don't sweat it.

And we all have to enjoy a day or two of not counting and eating some good stuff...just important to get back on track the next day!

marie said...

You're still a runner.

get up and go.

Sonya said...

In my eyes, you're still a runner. No debate.

And hon, you'd have to be a SAINT to survive Super Bowl weekend without indulging. It's like having a birthday without any cake. Or going to a fine dining restaurant and ordering a salad. get my drift.:-)

Thanks for thinking of me this week. I BAWLED my eyes out this morning right after I woke up, and R snuggled against me. I saw my entire maternity leave flash before my eyes, and started thinking about all of our amazing time together. It made me so happy and sad at the same time. God - I have never known this kind of love. It's insane.