Friday, February 15, 2008

It's only 8:30am and

I've already eaten 4 chocolates. I had 3 yesterday and was quite proud of myself to have only had 3 despite being surrounded by them and offered them every few minutes (someone gave me a huge box at work yesterday with probably 100 chocolates, all absolutely divine looking so I tried giving them to everyone who walked by) - at night it was no problem because I told my husband under no circumstances did I want chocolate.

But this morning, the stupid huge box of chocolates was STILL in my office and I couldn't resist. After my 4th one, I took the box, walked to my manager's office and put them on her desk - she can deal with the temptation!

So a definite BOO to eating 4 chocolates before most people wake up but YAY for getting rid of them

As an aside: I know lots of people who say they hate Valentine's Day, and while I can't use such a strong word for a holiday devoted to chocolate, hearts and love, I can say with all honesty that I've never celebrated it (except maybe in grade school when we gave out valentine's) and even when Jeff and I first started dating he wasn't sure if I meant it when I said I dont want anything for V-day. But I did. No flowers, chocolates, presents... nothing! I am completely indifferent to the day. I'll probably get little something-somethings for Carson and any subsequent kidlets when they are older, but so far it's a Valentine's Day free home.

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A.L.L.A (green girl) said...

way to go on giving that box of chocolates away!!!! that's what I would do.... and, 4 chocolates are not that big of a damage if you consider what would happen what would've happened if you'd kept that box!

desajair said...

MMM, chocolate. Here, I'll make you feel better: since last night I've had half a big toblerone and half a huge hershey kiss. Mmmm, worth it for me!

And on v-day--Mwha, its not the day, per-se, that I enjoy, but rather, any excuse is good enough for us to indulge in flowers and chocolate. 8) Any excuse!