Friday, February 8, 2008

No worries!

I'm sure that most of the times in the past when I've "disappeared" for a few days, I've come back only to admit that I'm guilty of eating everything in sight.

Not this time. Life just got in the way of blogging. Work is busy (I still LOVE my job), I get home and after spending a few hours with my family, Carson goes to bed and I go to the gym. Yep, I've kept up a pretty religious schedule of going to the gym and am really really enjoying it. I feel great when I get home, and it keeps me honest in terms of eating.

I made this pork paprikash last night, and making this chicken with couscous tonight.

I'm still struggling with weekends, Jeff and I are always over at friends, having friends over, with family for meals etc... so it's hard (for me) to be totally in control of what I eat. I went through a spell in the late summer/fall where it was just in my head to be in control. I wasn't tempted by anything and if I did eat a small piece of (insert yummy treat here) then I would re-adjust the rest of my day or week and I was on a fantastic losing streak. I just don't have that mindset right now. During the week I'm totally on my A-game, but the weekends are hard. I'm taking it one weekend at a time and trying not to focus TOO much on the long haul, and I'm going to give it my all this weekend and see how I make out. I know I'll feel better, I'll just keep telling myself that and maybe, just maybe it will stick.

Have a great weekend ladies!

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Mina said...

weekends are my biggest struggle too. at work its easy I pack all my meals and snacks and have a plan for dinner (most nights) but once the weekend comes the routine goes out the window. luckily though now its less of a binge thing and more, oh lets have ice cream or pizza this weekend.