Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm in training all day today so this will be quick

1 - MS Project training today is BORING. It's showing me HOW to do things, but not WHY. It's easy to find out how to do something... it's the why I need to know!

2 - The rest of my group is staying on the training floor for a pizza lunch, I came back to my office to eat my leftover chicken chili from last night (donuts and muffins were also served at break and I munched on my apple, not even tempted on both occasions)

3 - my new favourite website is - just a wealth of information that's all completely interesting to me

4 - I start swimming lessons with Carson tomorrow morning (mental note: shave legs tonight)

5 - Ugh, find my bathing suit (not the nice one I brought to Florida, my sensible Speedo one for the indoor pools (read: too much chlorine))

6 - I was told by a colleague today how I always look so well put together and topped off with a smile of my face. Things could be worse :)

7 - I'm headed out to the local pub (we want to be within walking distance and it's the only place to have a drink here) with one of my best friends, which makes me VERY happy.

8 - Burgers for dinner!

9 - Our girls weekend was rescheduled and rather than being cancelled (which I was sadly anticipating) is sooner than later - April 12th! It's always hard to get all the girls together (being moms, recently married, crazy schedules etc....)

10 - trying to think of something to make it a nice even 10 points.... ummm.... can't do it, sorry!

2 people had this to say:

FatMom said...

Sounds busy, boring and FUN all at the same time! Enjoy yourself!

Anne said...

I agree, you do always look so put together!!

Oooh burgers!! I think the snow has finally melted of the bbq..maybe tomorrow we'll have burgers too. YUM!