Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm awesome.

No seriously, I am. I had a great weekend points wise, I ate when I was hungry and made pretty good choices (for everyday living? Not good choices. For Easter weekend? Good choices) and enjoyed everything I ate, didn't feel like I missed out on anything and more importantly, didn't eat too much of anything. There was some chocolate eggs, but about 1/20th of what I would normally eat. I used all my flex and feel really great. This morning we left Toronto early and I had a Tim Horton's bagel with light cream cheese. Sure it wasn't great, but I didn't really have another option. I didn't want to go to a grocery store, travelling with a toddler is different you don't have alot of extra time to be running around. When we finally stopped, it was a place that only had McDonalds, so I passed and waited until I got home and just had some soup.
I will say I'm not too excited for WI tomorrow night because although I stayed in my points, I ate all my flex yesterday and doing that two days before WI never works out that hot for me. But I know my hard work will eventually pay off, so not worried :)
My boys are sleeping, so I'm just trying to write my PROS and CONS list about a new house that came up for sale. It just happens to be right beside our best friend's house. Lots of pros, few cons. The biggest con is it will put extra stress on Jeff, which I really hate to think about. But I love the house. It has a pool (above ground, salt water) a double garage (with tons of beautiful shelving), a shed, it's open concept, a bedroom in the basement with a full bathroom, 3 bedrooms upstairs (we were hoping for 4, but the bdr in the basement is almost just as good), an office on the first floor, tons of shelving and storage throughout the house, and we know the people who own it right now. So, we are going to see it tonight. It's priced to sell so if we want it we are going to have to jump on it.
Here are just a few pictures from the weekend. You'll see I'm typically not far from Carson. We're quite attached to each other.

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