Monday, March 24, 2008

Quick update

We had a super drive to Toronto, Carson was an absolute dream (and when we stopped to eat I had a chili from Wendy's instead of a burger and fries, challenge #1 beat!) Even though he only slept an hour in total in the car, the rest of the afternoon was fun and he was happy, playing and being friendly with his aunt and uncle. After he went to bed we had a beautiful meal of steak with a mushroom and onion sauce and green beans on the side. I had a few glasses of this really, really great white wine. It was discontinued and Michael and Olivia bought a case so they aer sending me home with a bottle.

Carson slept 13 hours and when he woke up, we were served stuffed french toast (stuffed with berries) with real cream. Then we went to the petting zoo and right now I'm updating my blog while something oh so good is being cooked for us. My brother in law is an amazing cook, like I said, I'm totally being spoiled.

After Carson's nap, we are headed to my aunt and uncle's house in Orangeville for the rest of the weekend. We're having a great time, I'm still journalling all my food and despite everything that's being served I'm staying within my points! Ooohhhh and I saw someone say they were training for the half marathon which makes me giddy because just last night I decided I was going to try and run it! My sister in law Olivia is a runner and we had a big talk about it last night and I decided to take the bull by the horns and run it. I loved training for it before (and then, running it) and I think it's what my life needs right now - I went through a stage where I loved the gym but overall... I really don't. I like being outside. I like running. So really, thsi is the perfect solution. So T, I'll be talking with you soon and I'm quite excited! I'm not going to sign up yet, I want to have a good couple weeks of training under my belt. And I've missed about a month of training (I believe it starts 3rd week of February) but sitll quite confident I can do it.

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