Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm some type of animal

But can't remember which kind. I remember reading a book or seeing it on TV about some type of animal that keeps doing something that either hurts them or something, but they never learn. They keep doing it over and over. I know that was a really bad recollection, but whatever.

The point is, whenever I stray off my healthy lifestyle I feel ick. I'm crabby. I'm sad. I'm frusterated. I feel ugly. I get bloated. The list keeps going. Whereas when I am focussed and eating well and exercising, I feel fantastic. I feel confident. I feel pretty. I feel unstoppable. I feel like I can do anything.

Looking at the two lists - isn't it obvious what I should be doing? Who would want to feel lousy as opposed to the option of feeling great? Whenever I'm back on track my whole mood just lightens. Why why why do I ever let myself stray?!

Oh well - good news is I am completely committed. I'm staying within my points, and although there's been no gym this week, every night I've visited with friends (and I think I've mentioned before it's as good for me as exercise is) and I've managed to eat healthy and not even stress about how to not overeat.

Last night Peter & Bubs came over for burgers. KT and Jaeda are in Florida, so we invited the boys over. We had yummy burgers on the BBQ (my husband is king of the "Q"), I put fried onions and a roasted red pepper on mine and a salad. We ate super early so afterwards I was feeling a bit snackish so I had some green tea and All Bran bites (I know it's pre-packaged, processed, everything I said I'm doing my best to avoid, but there are a still a few things I need to indulge in!). Went to bed satisfied. Woke up feeling awesome - no guilt, no stress, and with a smile on my face.

My period is now 6 days late and NO I'm not pregnant (for sure, I'm not) which really sucks. I was finally at a point where TOM was perfectly on schedule and now it's all wonky again. Not fun for when you're trying to get pregnant. We aren't yet, but will be soon. We got pregnant our first try with Carson so I didn't even have the chance to get worried or have to chart things, but I know so many people right now who are having troubles getting pregnant (and quite a few when it's their second too) so I was trying to get prepared for the scenario that it doesn't happen right away, and having TOM right on schedule is part of that. Oh well, maybe it's cause of the stress of the vacationfromhell and having the flu... that made this month be a little crazy. Anyways, let's hope it comes soon.

Yay it's Friday - 7 hours till the weekend!

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Malinda said...

I'm late too, but I don't think I'm pregnant because I did have AF first of Feb.(different then usual but still there) but I'm so regular and I just don't understand how I can be on day 39 when I would have started AF on day 28/29. Just weird but sick last week so who knows. Saw the chiropractor last night so hopefully that gets my body back on track. But it would be hilarious if I was pregnant... I'd be 10 weeks this week. I can't imagine being that far along and not having any supposed pregnancy symptoms.

I love being a woman! HA

Love the new hair do!!!

Sonya said...

Since we're having "girl" talk here, lol!

We're on the same cycle, which I think is *hilarious*. I too, had VERY wonky cycles before baby. AF should have arrived on Monday, so now I'm five days late. NO chance I'm preggo either, fo' shizzle.

But I've been sick since Tuesday, so that's probably throwing a lot of things out of whack.

I'm right there with you, on the feeling crazy and hormonal right now!

Christy said...

Hilarious! Well, not really, but I didn't know what AF was. I just googled it though.

Malinda - I've thought of you often and am really hoping that things work out for you and your husband in terms of conceiving!

Not to get anyone's hopes up, but I didn't really have any symptoms (besides being tired, that's actually why i thougth I may be pregnant cause I had my first nap in years when I was about 6 weeks pregnant (hadn't taken the test yet)). Have you taken a home test?

Sonya - too funny that we seem to be on the same cycle. SINCE I posted however (yes, I knw it was about an hour ago) TOM has FINALLY arrived (I'm telling you, my blog is magical!). So maybe today is the day for you too.

My "regular" cycle is 31 days it seems. Until this time around. It was 35 days.

Sonya said...

More girl talk, lol.

My last cycle was 40 days! Just when I had given up hope, my friend turned up.

Glad to hear that TOM arrived! And with it, may there be a big weight "Whoosh!" on the scale.

Malinda said...

we're off to my dad and stepmom's lakehouse/cottage for the weekend, a nice relaxing weekend. if AF (aka TOM lol googled AF too funny!) doesn't show up this weekend I'll pick up a HPT and test Monday morning.

if you ever end up on to track your cycle you learn real fast all the abbreviations or else you're completely lost.