Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eating to be healthy... not skinny.

The night before I started Weight Watchers this time around, I was telling Jeff that I have issues with food. I am way better then I was before (this past year I've come pretty far in terms of eating when I'm hungry and not constantly thinking about the next time I'll be able to eat). But I still have this weird mind set that when I'm not 100% in terms of eating well, then I might as well eat crap. I don't even necessarily want to eat crap, I just feel I should. I should try to eat as much crap before I start eating well again. This happened quite a bit over the past couple months, ever since my stellar weight loss groove tapered off. Then I just got into a bad frame of mind and couldn't beat it.

Jeff looked at me, and said in his ever so simple way (Jeff always says that girls are so complicated and guys are so simple) "You have to just focus all this time on the best ways to eat well, instead of wasting so much time thinking of how to eat poorly". Those weren't his exact words. However he said it, it just clicked with me.

Although being slim will be a big bonus of eating healthy, I'm now focusing on how we can eat and live in order to be the healthiest we can be. I'm doing it for me. I'm doing it for Jeff. I'm doing it for Carson and any more kids we are lucky enough to have.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I've been living quite happily eating my pre-packaged foods, canned soups, frozen dinners, we've always had lots of salads, lots of fresh meat on the BBQ, fresh veggies and fruits - but I would say 40% of our diet was processed. Which is way too much. The more I research, the more absolutely disgusted I am with all the things added to this processed food to make it taste better. To make it look better. To make it last longer. No thanks. And honestly? Anything I make at home tastes WAY better then the stuff you buy plus you are in complete control of what's going into your body. Right now for example, for lunch I'm having potato, leek and chickpea soup I made (thanks Tarrah!) and feel so much better eating this then a canned or boxed soup. I know exactly what I put in it. It's filling, it's delicious and while not a worry, it's worth mentioning, probably 1/10 the cost! And there's so much information out there about what kinds of foods are cancer-fighting (my sister had cancer, my aunt and grandfather died of cancer..), anti-ageing, good for your blood, good for your body. My groceries from Farm Boy today contained green leafy stuff I've never tried before. Most "new things" I've been trying lately I end up loving and can't believe I didn't try them before now.

Anyways, I just wanted to get down a few thoughts, now I'm off to finish up a few things before the boog wakes up and we go walking.

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Malinda said...

my step mom had a bok with her this weekend about a woman who beat cancer and basically how cancer can't thrive/live in a alkalined body. she got it at a health food store, I think it was called living a balanced life

Jeanine Slater said...


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