Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm SO good

Last night - impromptu dinner at our place with half the family. My folks, sister/husband & kids came over for dinner. Yay me we didn't have to go out and buy anything specifically for dinner. I served rosemary pork chops (on the BBQ), asparagus (sauteed with garlic), red potatoes and sweet potatoes baked in the oven (I put them in water and as soon as the water starts to boil I take them out) with oil, rosemary and pepper, and a yummy salad. And it was the first time we served just the right amount of food. I hate not having enough food, and in turn we always end up having too much. I think there were maybe 4 little potato pieces left.

I had a small plate and was perfectly content when I was finished. My mom brought apple pie and ice cream (of course), and I didn't have any. I had a small glass of wine that was a perfect way to end the meal. Despite threats, no one took home the pie and ice cream. I had one small bowl before bed (and counted the points for it!) and brought the pie to Grant's birthday party this morning. I forgot the ice cream, but I'll throw it out soon.

Today at the birthday party there were all my favourite things, banana bread, croissants, bagels, different yummy kinds of cream cheese, and I mostly ate fruit! I did have two bites of a quiche (is that how you spell it?) that Carson was eating, and a couple bites of birthday cake (Carson and I shared a teeny piece).

It's amazing how my frame of mind changes when I'm journalling. For lunch I made a sandwich with some leftover pork and normally when I'd be cutting up meat I'd have a couple of slices and forget about it. Not now! I had a couple carrots and a cup of tea and now I'm pleasantly full. Time for another birthday party, and I will keep myself busy with Carson (around all the new kids) so no time to eat.

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