Monday, March 17, 2008


My new breakfast is yummy, and filling, and good for me. What more could I ask for? I'm eating steel cut oats, a tsp of almond butter, a sprinkle of walnuts and flax seed.

Yesterday wasn't the complete success I was hoping for. We went next door for Nathan's first birthday and I didn't realize they would be serving dinner. Our dinner was already in the oven, but we stayed over there longer then I anticipated (we were all having such a good time) that we had chili, caesar salad and homemade mac & cheese for dinner. Carson and I shared a plate - he tackled the mac & cheese while I stuck to the chili and salad. I didn't have that much, I'm estimating about 12 pts (and that's overestimating) and Carson got a teeny piece of cake (again, second time in one day!) and I had a few bites. Then I munched on some fruit.

I met a really really great group of people though, and it's the most time we've ever spent with our neighbours so I'm hoping it's the start of a good friendship. Jeff and I promised to each other last night that we'd have a BBQ in the spring and invite all the neighbours. Next door and across the street both have kids, and each of them have a little boy around Carson's age. How perfect is that? Jeff and I always talked about moving, but I think we'd like to stay in our house for a couple more years. For various reasons I think it's the right decision for us. And while I would love a single house (we are in a town), we are going to focus on getting this house paid off before jumping into a whole new big mortgage.

This post was just supposed to be about my steel cut oats.

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