Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Totally Torn

Two really, really good houses for us have come on the market in the last two days. Neither of which is the one I talked about yesterday.

The first is in Kanata. It's not where we live now, but it's the area of Kanata we have been looking at for a while. It's a big house. A bit outdated, but mainly the floors (blue carpet in the dining room and green tiles in the kitchen?) and countertops (matching green counters in kitchen) which can easily be replaced. Especially when your father worked 30 years as a tile-layer/setter and when your uncle does hardwood floors. All the rooms are a great size, there are 4 bedrooms, it's a nice backyard (with a shed for Jeff!), there's an ensuite and a good size main bathroom upstairs (although both are ugly, but we have the resources to change that) and really great curb appeal. It's an older house on a mature street, which I LOVE. But it backs onto a busy street, which I don't love.

The second one is in Riverside South. It's a beautiful NEW house backing onto a ravine and super nice. I do like where we live, we have lots of friends here and I like new houses where not anything had to be done to fix it up.

Anyways, totally torn.

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Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

WOW, you have some major decisions to make.

Good luck.

I have run one 1/2 marathon and I am currently finished training for another one. They are a little time consuming, but when you cross that finish line it is so worth it.

I am running two half this spring.

Can't wait to hear how it goes.