Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, in my mind I have to make up excuses as to why my weight says 163.0!

1/ I never WI at night, so this was after a full day of eating and drinking
2/ TOM is 3 days late so I'm hopefully bloated (hopeful that it's why that number is showing)

But, it's also because I haven't been watching what I'm eating, I haven't been journalling or been to the gym since I got back from Florida.

The meeting was so-so. The lady was kind of cute and somewhat motivating. But the people were great. I met three other women who are in the exact same boat as me, and when I went in line to get weighed, I noticed my next door neighbour in front of me! We started talking (and she invited us to her son's first birthday on Sunday, so that's two birthday parties in one day, thankfully one is in the morning (my nephew, who turns 6 today) and the other is in the afternoon) and she normally comes every week with her friend, but tonight she couldn't stay for the meeting.

So it's great to know I know people there, people I can relate to and people whom I understand where they are coming from (and in turn, they do me!).

I've started journalling, I've planned my gym nights and even though I have a dinner tonight with all the girls from my old job I'll stick to it.

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Sonya said...

I'm super proud of you for going to your meeting, and for getting back in the saddle.

TOM is late for me too - I hate the icky bloated feeling.

Gooooo Christy!