Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm beautiful again

Ok, maybe not beautiful but no longer goth-looking. Again, I was quite taken back by the number of people who would protest my idea to get rid of the black. I was told this morning it was very "snow-whiteish". But I didn't like the black. It was too harsh. Too black. So I spent 3 hours in the salon yesterday, while they stripped my hair with a shampoo cocktail so it wasn't as harsh. Then they coloured it. Then highlights. Then a toner because the highlights were too blonde.

And the result? I love it. It's got coppery highlights that surprisingly look quite good if I do say so myself. Will post a picture later. She also gave me crap about shampooing my hair every day. But if I don't wash it in the morning I find by the afternoon I feel greasy. She said the more you go without washing it every day, the better off your hair will be.

Then last night I went to Jenny's for dinner. Emma and Tammy had to cancel unfortunately, but Kerri and I went over. Her new house is beautiful! Dinner was fantastic, we had chicken schnitzel, a yummy brocolli with bacon hot coleslaw and a raw zucchini, tomato, mushroom and red pepper salad which was delicious. And of course a glass of white wine and a pecan buttertart for dessert. I have to expand my culinary skills yet again. While Jeff and I eat quite healthy, our meals are getting quite repetitive. Especially salads. About 4 nights a week we have lettuce (organic spring mix) with red peppers, red onions and goat's cheese. Sure we love it, but after having a variety of stuff last night it once again reminded me that I need to introduce new foods and new ways of cooking. So, this weekend I'll be making up an exciting meal plan that must include at least two new recipes. Whenever I find something yummy I will be sure to post it.

So it's almost the weekend and I've only used 9 flex points. It's funny, after last night I would have thought - oh, all my flex points are gone I ate a buttertart! But as soon as you journal, you realize that it's not as bad as it seems. I always forget how easy it is to stay focussed when you journal. So my little journal won't be leaving my side for the upcoming months.

P.S. I brought cottage cheese and pineapple for dessert. You all know how much I LOVE my raisin bran, but one woman at the meeting the other night was talking about how she started incorporating protein at every meal and it's amazing how much you can cut down on points when you don't have cereal for breakfast. So rather then being down 5 pts by the time I'm only down 3. Then I can have a morning snack (which I know I'm supposed to, but Raisin Bran would always keep me full until lunch) and try to keep my metabolism up. I'm trying to revert back to eating every 3 hours and not as much at one sitting.

P.S.S. That was a long P.S.

3 people had this to say:

desajair said...

wow--3 hours? You have some incredible patience there! I can't wait for the pictures.

Christy said...

Yeah - it was a long process to get rid of that horrible black, high price to pay for a stupid mistake! Oh well, at least I learned my lesson.

Malinda said...

looking forward to seeing pics of the new hair! I have an appointment tomorrow night and I'm thinking its time for a chop... but I'll probably chicken out. lol