Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April showers bring Christy's arse back to work

Ok, it's spring, summer is right around the corner and I need a good kick in the butt.

YES - I'm in a really happy head space (re: family, body, work), BUT these last 10 lbs gotta go. I need to be really comfortable in my pre-pregnancy clothes (yes, I realize that Carson is already 16 months) but my summer clothes are from when I was about 145. The majority can fit, but not everything. Also, my birthday is in May so I'd love to get these last pounds off before I turn *gasp* 33. So I'm setting some realistic goals for the month of April.

1 - to write down EVERTHING I eat. EVERY DAY.
2 - I will do some form of exercise EVERY DAY for a minimum of 30 minutes. Hey, some days I don't do any exercise!
3 - I normally don't need to worry about water, I easily drink 3L a day. But on weekends I think I'm drink 3L every day
4 - Be happy, don't let the numbers on the scale worry me, and know that it will pay off eventually and remember I'm doing this for my health, not just the weight.

I know I'll think of a few more, but that's it for now.

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