Monday, April 21, 2008

The good... and the bad.

We had a super fun weekend - I love the summer! I know technically it's not summer, but if you were in Ottawa this past weekend you'd know it feels pretty summer-y out there.

The bad? I hate being fat. I was out yesterday in a tank top and shorts, doing the gardening and I feel fat. I felt bloated, I felt obese, I felt so icky. We went walking around and there were tons of other women out there in these cute little summer clothes looking all teeny and beautiful and I felt like an ogre (spelling).

So I'm writing, I'm journalling, I'm counting, I'm drinking, I'm exercising - enough wasting time feeling like crap! No more!

More bad: I'm wearing cute new shoes today. I now have blisters (no socks). Also, I forgot my socks for walking (remembered my running shoes, forgot socks). So I'll have to work through my lunch hour (brought a bunch of stuff from home to work on). BOO!

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Sonya said...

Am I allowed to gush here for a second? Well, I'm going to anyway.:-P

You are anything BUT an ogre. You're beautiful, vibrant, and fit. How you FEEL is another matter altogether (I can totally relate to the ick factor) - but you look amazing. You've lost so much weight - I think it's just taking your mind time to catch up with the body. That, and you need some new clothes!

I think your classes are going to do wonders for this.:-)

I heart you!

FatMom said...

I'd love to weigh 154 pounds again...