Saturday, April 19, 2008

I love weekends!

Carson and I both slept in till 7 this morning - and seeing as I went to bed at 8:30, I'm well rested and ready for a wonderful weekend.

I was on training all day yesterday and they had muffins, bagels, donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast - I skipped downstairs for fruit and cottage cheese and a green tea. At lunch? Free pizza. Again, I went downstairs and got an assortment of salads (bean, greek, garden, avacado) and went and met everyone else. I saw them all eating pizza and not once did I think "I wish I could be eating that", I was MUCH happier with my lunch.

I'm now going to be weighing in on Saturday mornings, which will make me happy, and as I'm going to this new core class, I don't really want to be paying for both WW and this class. I'll pay for one thing a week, not two. Plus, being in a class makes me stay pretty darn accountable, it's that whole - why am I going to work my butt off only to come home and eat crap - thing.

So this morning, 154.2. That's up 0.6 since last Tuesday, but my weekend of gluttony is deserving of at least that.

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Sonya said...

Well done on resisting all of that stuff at the office!!!! I'm really excited to hear about how your new class goes.

LOL -- I LOVE going to bed early (nerdy, I know). Last week, I was going to sleep around 9-ish. Sad, but this is the life of a working mom / 32-year old.....and I'm proud of it!

E-mail coming your way later today -- after I enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine!

JavaChick said...

Glad you were able to find a morning weigh-in. I'm sure it will be less frustrating for you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jennifer said...

Saturday morning WIs rock! I love mine! I get sooo excited all week for it.