Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm a copycat

A friend joined a personal gym and signed up for core classes, twice a week. I copied her and joined the same class. I had been looking (since my Lean and Fit desire days) for an exercise group class (read: NOT Goodlife), because it's those types of classes that work me the most and that I enjoy the most. They are small classes, the limit is 12 people, which means more one on one attention and you can get to know your trainer, and she, you. She also has a kettlebell session on Saturdays which thrills me to no end. It's during Carson's nap time which is awesome, and it's after I take him to swimming lessons (which means Jeff can go to the gym in the morning when I'm at swimming lessons and then he can stay home during nap time).

I read an article about how it should take you 30 minutes to eat a meal? Holy crikes, I try and eat slowly and I'm still done in 5 minutes. Sometimes dinner is slower, but that's because I'm getting up and sitting down a million times (just for mom-related things).

EEK! My weight was horrible yesterday morning. It says I gained 8 lbs over the weekend, which is highly likely. There was filet mignon, apple crisp, brownies, jellybeans, salsa, chips, mojitos, daquiris, wine.... and I had everything! This morning I was down 3 lbs already and I hope it doesn't take more than a week to get this weekend-of-sin weight off.

I'm not rejoining my WW classes on Tuesday nights anymore. I can't be gone Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. And the core classes will be way more beneficial than WW. I may join the one here at work on Thursdays. The only pain is that they are both community "classes" so I have to pay in advance, the same price as non life time members. I want to be able to go somewhere once a month and weigh in, I don't want to pay weekly! But I'll figure that out later on.

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