Thursday, May 29, 2008

Short and Sweet

Each day for the next 24 days, I will be posting about what I did that day in order to meet my healthy living goals. It's not really weight loss goals anymore, even though the scale hasn't changed significantly in a while, I always seem to be hovering around the low 150's, it seems everyone I see makes a comment about how much weight I've been losing. So core classes must be paying off.

Ok, here goes.

Yesterday, I ran at lunch time (45 minutes), I took Carson for a 30 minute bike ride after work AND I went to core class. I didn't end up going shopping (I had only really wanted to go out cause Jeff was going out tonight so I felt I needed to go out, but then realized I only really wanted to go home and spend time with the fam), and we had burgers, so I went 4 pts over my target, but got in tons of exercise. So yesterday, in terms of healthy living, totally successful!

In other news... it's my mom's bday today. Which also means it's my step-mother's bday. Heh.
I'm wearing an awesome outfit, the sun was shining when I woke up (how awesome is it to wake when it's sunny?), I heard two great songs on my way to work, and I have a bunch of fun stuff for the boog and I to do tonight as we are flying solo. AND I heard on the radio that Sephora opens up at Rideau this Friday. My stomach did flip flops. Must resist. Must resist. If I keep repeating that to myself, maybe it will come true :)

Oh, and I returned the shoes and they took them back! Woo hoo!

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CaRoLyN said...

Holy exercise Batman!

You look fantastic in the white pants and yellow sweater. Very sweet! Love the scarf!