Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Point blank

1 - I will only use the internet for non-work purposes first thing in the morning (I eat my cereal at my desk) and if I'm at my desk during lunch hour.

2 - I will be journalling all my food for the next 25 days. I felt ick last night so I made myself feel better (it worked only for the moment) by having a popsicle, a bag of popcorn (the 100 cal bag) and 30 almonds.

3 - I decided I needed the night off, so after work and before core class I'm going to the mall. I have a few things to return, then I have to go pick up a slide I bought for Carson at a house near my gym, and then I'm going to buy some flowers for my garden.

Today is sunny, I look cute (heh, I'm wearing white shoes but they are leather flip flops) with charcoal grey capris, a crisp white T-shirt with a snazzy grey cardigan thing that ties together, my hair did what it's supposed to, my face for whatever reason looks good, I'm going for a long walk at lunch and have core class tonight. Yip Yip Yipeee

B - raisin bran + milk (5)
S - carrots (1)
L - leftover pasta with roasted veggies and chicken (7) sprinkled with cheese (1)
S - watermelon (1)
D - burger (6) bun (2) salad (1)

Total: 24

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Sonya said...

No doubt that you look put together - I'm sure you always do, hawt mama!:-) Cute pictures of you - I love it!