Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gimmie a kick in the arse! Not weight related....

I complain at home that we are too unorganized, yet here I am blogging instead of doing something about it.

Even at work lately, I've not been up to par by any shape of the imgination. The past two days I've been emailing friends more than I have been doing work. I was out at a BBQ the other day and a friend of my friend's was there (who we've been at parties with for the past couple years, I was invited to the reception part of their wedding...) who is a Director in the gov't. He was talking to another girl saying how he knew someone she used to work with. He's working for him now, and he was just saying what a fantastic guy he is and really "stepping up to the plate". With the way I've been at work lately, I don't think my boss could say that about me. I've been less than stellar. I find I get bored at jobs. I start off loving them and then slowly I learn it's not what I thought it was. Or do I get bored easily? Or am I in the wrong line of work? Bah. Just in the work-slumps.

Anyone have any suggestions how to turn yourself around at work and become a super hard worker, an invaluable part of the team?

Anyways - I'm off to look for kid's clothes for a friend of mine.

Here are some lame-o pictures of me this morning, before work. See the shoes? What was I thinking? I'm actually going to return them, they don't look worn at all....yes, I'm one of those girls. And, it's funny how you think something looks good on you, and then you see yourself in a picture and it doesn't look like you thought it did? Those are the pants, below. I thought they were super nice (they are a size 10, just for reference). They aren't bad, and I suppose worth the $27 they were (Banana Republic outlet).

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Sonya said...

Is talking to your boss an option? Could you get more involved in some challenging stuff?

I had the same problem when I came back from maternity leave - obviously my role has changed so things are different...but I can totally relate to how you're feeling.