Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A solution....

That leads to another problem is not really a solution, is it?

I've recently discovered exercising on my lunch hour at work. During lunch, I used to sit with colleagues in the lunch room and eat, but between you and I? It was boring. Some days I'd even just sit in my office and read, surf the web or just continue working.

I was having a hard time going out at night to the gym (besides my two core classes a week) because I like being home at night, with my family.

The solution part:

Enter lunch time. I have a lunch break every day. I don't have anything that important to do on my lunch. So the past couple work days I've been getting outside, for a nice, long, fast-paced walk. It's awesome! It clears my head, it wakes me up, it gets me prepared mentally for the afternoon, the route along the parkway is beautiful... AND it's exercise!

The problem part.

I sweat. Unless I go for a slow stroll, inevitably I'll sweat under my hair and all over my body. There are no showers in my building. Or changerooms (I use the bathroom stall) I brought a towel today so I could towel off, but it's not like I'm going to stand half-naked in the bathroom and give myself a quasi sponge bath. So I'm back from my walk, my clothes feel a bit icky, my hair is a bit frizzy (yet my face/complexion is awesome). It's not even that bad because today is only 15 out. If it was like this the rest of the summer I'd probably be OK, but it's going to get hot and hot = more sweat.

I have to find ou t the closest building with a shower......

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CaRoLyN said...

Hmmmmm. Solutions.... That's a hard one. I guess the towelling off thing is probably your best bet.
I live in a city right on the water so it's usually windy uptown where I work so it keeps me cool...not that I go walking at lunch...WHICH I SHOULD. You are a kick butt example!

eurydice said...

you could get baby wipes or fresh wipes in a pack that reseals itself. i have some and it's great for a little rinse off. :o)

Sonya said...

Oh, you hit the nail on the head. I *loathe* feeling grungy after lunchtime exercise. And then I'm TOTALLY paranoid the rest of the afternoon about potential sweat dribbling down my back, or about being stinky. My hair looks limp afterward. I also don't have time to shower at lunch (even though I have access), so it's really about a quick wipe-down.

Ummm - you asked for solutions, sorry.:-)

Sonya said...

Alright - so here's a quasi solution / suggestion.

You could change your top before you go for a walk? Of course, it might look weird to wear a gym t-shirt with dress pants - so I dunno!