Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I like food. More importantly, I like good food. Fastfood is not good food. I haven't had it in ages and can honestly say I do not crave it at all.

Everytime I eat something really good, I realize how I don't long for more. I just had a small bowl of soup (homemade potato and leek, thanks again Tarrah) with two Ryvita crackers and two slices of amazing asiago cheese. It wasn't alot of food. But it was good food. Good, healthy, wholesome calories. The cheese was rich and stinky (heh, if I'm going to eat cheese, the smellier the better) and I was completely satisfied after my lunch.

During which, I read the new Chatelaine magazine and looked up a few recipe sites to decide what new recipe I was going to try this week... I get excited about new recipes, new foods, new spices, new ingredients.

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FatMom said...

YES! It's so true! The higher the quality of food, the less you feel you need to eat!! Deeelish!

Alea said...

Hey Christy, just wanted to wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All the best to you!

I have to admit though, that I'm not exactly sure if your birthday actually IS today... It says so in my address book, so I thought I'd send you the wishes anyway. :)

Christy said...

Alea! Thank you! It's not till next Thursday, but you're the sweetest for having a birthday calendar :)

How the heck are you? How is married life? I hope all is well! I miss hearing about you.