Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And I thought

I was sore yesterday! I got up during the middle of the night (not because I wanted to, because my 17 month old son was screaming most of the night, that's why) and I could barely get out of bed. And going to the washroom? Yowsers, I have to push myself off the toilet to stand up again. I went for a bike ride last night with my two men hoping to keep my legs in motion so they wouldn't cease up on me, but I guess sleeping for a few hours worked against me. I brought my shoes to work today so I could take a nice long powerwalk at lunch today. I'm going to head to the market to look at the yummy fruits and veggies (heh, and borrowed $8 from Jeff this morning to fund my "walk")

I must look up how to buy watermelon. I bought some this weekend and cut it this morning to bring for my afternoon snack and it was yucky inside. I still brought it, but I had a taste and the texture was weird. Almost gritty - but, it had been sitting on my counter for 2 days instead of in the fridge, so maybe that's it? I think I remember something about knocking on them - but I can't remember what it's supposed to sound or feel like. So sure I can knock all I want but unless I know what I'm looking for, it doesn't do any good. Oh, I found this! Basically - knocking on it? Hollow = ripe.

My scale is so ridiculous. Am I the only one who's weight fluctuates like mad during the week?
Sat = 151.6
Sun = 155.6 (I ate later than I normally do, and it was a very bready dinner)
Mon = 154.8
Tues = 153.8
Wed = 154.4

Like seriously? I used all my flex points on the weekend (and maybe an extra 10-15 too, stupid peanut butter and honey) so I wasn't shocked by the scale those days. Oh well, I know I know, I'm only supposed to weigh myself once a week but I can't help it. It's Carson's bathroom and when we brush his teeth in the morning, the scale is jsut sitting there, staring at me, tempting me. If I move it into my own washroom, I'll have the same problem.

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Malinda said...

I've got the same problem.. I was up 4 this morning from saturday... I mean come on!!!! Maybe we should start taking it out to weight in and then put it away, out of sight out of mind? lol I can't imagine that possible.

try a warm bath with epson salts to ease the pain, even after your class to help. I've always found it takes two days for the pain to kick in.

Have a great walk this afternoon!

desajair said...

When did you start brushing Carson's teeth? I washclothe Kailey's after meals... but that's it. She's only got 6 teeth though.

Me so sore today too.

Christy said...

I started brushing them when he got his first two bottom ones. Just one of those gummy type things to clean their gums and teeth. I moved up to a real toothbrush when he was about 8 or 9months and had about 6 or 7 teeth. More for the routine and getting him used to it then to protect from cavities :)