Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All it takes is one day

For me to feel SO much better. Yesterday was a complete success!

I had core class last night, and one of the stations involved standing on an UPSIDE DOWN bosu ball, which may sound easy and even looked easy until I tried to do it myself. It obviously involves complete and utter balance and using your core to keep yourself up. But what I didn't expect was the shaking. My legs were shaking so fast and so much (I honestly wish I could do that on command, I'd be a dancing freak!) and it felt completely out of my control. Like I couldn't get them to be still no matter how I tried. I kept asking the trainer if it was normal, and tried to describe the feeling. She said it's totally normal - and the next time it wouldn't be the same at all. True enough, next time around, my legs weren't shaking at all and I was even successful at doing squats!

Another day ahead of me and I feel nothing but strength. Full steam ahead!

Update: Amy, you would kick the bosu in the butt! It's awesome. Java, I would totally recommend it, much better than an exercise ball. There are sample exercises all over the net. Fatinah - good frigging job doing something other than just STANDING on the ball, that's a feat in itself!

For the next 34 weeks I WILL exercise every day, at least some form of movement. Today? I chose a 60 minute powerwalk (can't deal with sweaty head) on my lunch hour. I may look into signing up to the gym at my work for the cold winter months, when going to Goodlife after Carson goes to bed is probably the last thing I want to do. And then my daily showers will just be at lunch time during the day. I really enjoy exercising at lunch, I feel I come back to my desk with energy and ready to tackle the afternoon. Plus, then I don't have to think about it once I get home.

3 people had this to say:

Amy said...

I've always admired those people at the gym that work with the bosu ball... I'm too chicken to try it!

Fatinah said...

Awesome job on the upside down bosu! It's amazing how quickly your body adjusts, isn't it?

I had to do hammer curls on an upside down bosu yesterday. Just about knocked myself out on the first go around!!

JavaChick said...

Keep wondering if I should get one of those things for home...Sounds like they really give you a workout.