Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gym - Take 1

Ok, so I left my desk at 11:20
Made it to the gym and changed by 11:30
30 minute workout on the elliptical (just watched the bodystep class going on)
Washed my face, quick sponge type bath, applied makeup, blow dried sweaty hair best I could
Back to my desk by 12:20

BUT my hair is icky. Next time I should take a shower. PLUS I didn't do the class (40 minutes). Lots of women shower after the class.

No way I can do it all in an hour. Things I can change/improve my time:

1/ Only do 30 minutes of the regular 40 minute class (do-able)
2/ Shower (beating the rush) and it should only add on 10 minutes
3/ I need to get my hair cut shorter. It's already pretty short but it's thick so it takes forever to dry. I tried calling 5 salons today and they are ALL BOOKED for the rest of this week. I took Monday off to make it an extra long weekend so maybe my mom can watch the C-man for a bit while I get out for a haircut

Is it worth it for 30 minutes of cardio? Definitely!

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Fatinah said...

sounds like you have some great ideas to implement for your 30 minutes of cardio - awesome!