Thursday, June 19, 2008

I jinxed it

Not anything to do with weight, but I'm having a mini pity party.

I got a call at 9am from my caregiver to come pick up Carson. One of the other boys at daycare had an eye infection earlier in the week and now Carson's eye is red and gunky. (The mother told my caregiver that her son didn't like the eyedrops so she didn't give them to him?!?!?) We have a retreat tomorrow at work that I was looking forward to - now I'll be staying home with Carson. Most days I would be more than happy to stay home with him, but I was looking forward to this. But I know my little boy needs me. And, Jeff's gone from Friday morn - Sunday night (golf trip with the boys). And I have a 12 hour overnight relay tomorrow night and it's been raining in Ottawa for days. Today it's sunny and the rain is holding off, but I have my doubts about tomorrow night. I hate being cold and wet. Especially over night. And then being a "single mom" till Sunday night... eek!

Party's over.

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