Saturday, June 7, 2008

I LOVE the heat

But this is ridiculous! Kerri and I went to Art in the Park this morning, and the sweat was dripping in my eyes. There was some beautiful paintings, adorable stained glass that I would love to buy for Carson's next room, gorgeus photographs - when I start to decorate my house (when I have more money I can dedicate towards art and the such) I will go back to AitP definitely and buy some local artist stuff - soooo nice, different, interestin and unique.

Anyways, Carson doesn't do well in the heat (does anyone really?) he gets really lethargic and sleepy. He slept in the stroller for the whole time (he rarely sleeps in his stroller) so him and I are hightailing it out of the city (after Sara's babyshower) to Mom's trailer. I'm trying to convince Carrie to let me take the twins too. Mom, me and 3 kids in the trailer - going to be a blast (or a nightmare, will let you know which one later). I can't wait to be on the beach, away from the humidity.

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