Sunday, June 8, 2008

Must get handle

On eating at the trailer. It's almost like I have to get a routine at each place I go to. At work, it's easy. I never stray (well, maybe once in a blue moon but nothing I can't control). At home, it's pretty easy. Sure if we have a dinner party (which normally includes dessert) then it's sometimes hard - but overall it's quite easy. The trailer? Hell. Everyone brings bags of chips, ice cream, homemade goodies, hotdogs, hamburgers - ya know, camping food. And I've been spending alot of time there (I LOVE it) but my body is totally taking a beating. So I must learn what to take with me, how to stay away from what other people bring, and how to keep drinking my water.

Tomorow - must.start.journalling.

Nite nite

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