Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three articles

Six Swiss Stay Slim Secrets (say that 5 times fast!) - drink from a small glass, eat a protein-heavy breakfast, pay attention to what you're eating, shop for healthy food at grocery stores, enjoy the best chocolate (in moderation), avoid fast food restaurants

6 ways to keep the weight off - weigh yourself daily, change up your fitness routine, find supportive friends, get enough sleep, build muscle tone, try new foods

Top 5 ways to boost your metabolism naturally - dont' skip breakfast, eat more protein, say goodbye to refined grains, go for green and stick to low glycemic index carbs

Nothing earth shattering here, but good articles. There is always SO much information out there, it's hard to know what to "believe". But I go with my gut, with the things that make sense to me. After reading Kath's blog for a while now, I love how she always makes such a "deal" out of meals. They are always served in nice bowls, placemats, candles lit, flowers on the table....So many times I find Jeff and I eating at our table, without placemats, with papers and laptops on the table, and we are squished on one end. You just end up scarfing down your meal because you're not treating it like an event.

Yesterday at lunch, I went to a colleagues new condo for lunch and he made us sandwiches and a salad. We sat around, talked, and ate slowly. I was full when i was finished eating - and kept me full the rest of the afternoon. I loved it. I am really going to make more of an effort to make eating into an event and not a task.

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