Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh God.

I went downstairs to see a colleague about a file, and the commissionaire who sits at the front desk asked me when I was expecting.


I'm assuming it's because I'm wearing an empire type shirt today. Everyone else I've been seeing has mentioned how it looks like I'm losing.... I could have died. Poor guy, he probably feels worse than I do. That's never happened before. I suppose it's coming at the right time, I was completely off the ball this weekend so maybe that's someone trying to tell me to get my head back into it.

Excuse me while I go drown my sorrows in my green tea.

Update: Ok, I'm not as sad now (I was really upset by that, I normally don't let things like that (by things like that I mean stupid inconsiderate comments) but for some reason it really hit me), I went for a run at lunch time (and followed it up with a 10 minute walk, total of 50 minutes), I'm eating my bean and lettuce salad and pumped about core class tonight.

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Amy said...

Way to rock your day Christy.

Men are idiots sometimes.