Friday, June 27, 2008


I just got back from the dr's (preg type appt) and apparently I'm the exact same weight as I was when I got pregnant a little more than 2 years ago with Carson.

And we are going to see an open house this weekend, a house which is way below the amount we had been originally planning on spending, but we've kind of done a re-haul on our way of thinking. We like vacationing, we like buying ourselves things, we like having the odd meal out, we like having a nice car, buying nice clothes.... so we don't want to put all our money into a house. This house is 4 bedrooms with a loft upstairs, the kitchen isn't as big as I wanted but certainly big enough, the basement is unfinished (which is perfect for us, we want to finish it exactly the way we want to), it has a bigger backyard, the list goes on. The only thing that is a downfall is that it backs onto another house. Right now, we back onto a park. Actually, we back onto a street and across that street is a park. So I love looking out onto a park rather than someone's back window. But, from our master bedroom (which is at the back of the house) the traffic gets rather loud sometimes and we always said we'd never back onto a street again. But, I was hoping that meant we'd back onto a ravine, or directly a park, not another house. But when we see the house on Sunday hopefully it won't be as bad as I'm imagining it. That would definitely make or break it for me.

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Malinda said...

i love looking at houses and floor plans. we don't plan on spending much more on our next house..hoping to move a little further north and a bungalow next time around... plans change but that's what we're thinking :-) Happy house hunting!!!

Have a great weekend... I hope its a long one for you!