Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Eating this weekend sucked - and although I'm only in my 7th week, I can feel myself on the downward spiral I was on during my first pregnancy, which ended in a 75 gain (I should note that the 75 lbs was gained 2 weeks before I actually gave birth, so I'd say I was easily up another couple pounds). So last night, I couldn't sleep (which is quite normal for me when I'm pregnant) and I gave myself a good talking to, about how I was going to let myself gain that much weight again. I have a very active little toddler I have to keep up with, and I didn't want his lifestyle to change because I was too fat to chase him or too lazy to bring him to the park. So this morning Carson and I headed out and went for a 2.5km walk and then I ran about 4k. I feel great and it's always much easier for me to stay on track when I keep up with my exercise. So every day, I'm going to try and move in some way, shape or form for at least 20 minutes and most days I'll aim for way longer!

Today we are off to our community center for a Canada Day celebration with some friends, and then after Carson's nap we are off to a BBQ at Julie and Tim's house.

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