Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dinner and a movie success

We saw Sex in the City and I thought it was great! I've never any (not a one) episode, but my sister and I decided we needed to see a chick flick.... and we were very impressed.

Yesterday I was at a course all day (it was wicked!) and so ate lunch at the cafeteria (even though I had leftovers I could have brought, there was no fridge in the learning center so I couldn't keep it cold) and I ate a salad and yogurt. And it never even crossed my mind once to get anything else. And the salad and yogurt was what I wanted. I'm one of those people who eat salad and yogurt by choice! Not because I feel guilty, or I know I should, but because I want to.

And at dinner? I ordered a beef asian salad. Sure it's not like it was the healthiest thing on the menu, but a salad? And it being my first choice? I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

We got popcorn at the movies, but because of my stellar day I didn't feel guilty! Is that how healthy people are? They can have treats once in a while because they eat well the rest of the time? Is this what a balanced diet is???

(My caregiver just called in sick, which sucks because we have a beach party this afternoon at work, so now I have to take a full day off even though I wouldn't have worked this afternoon anyways. AND she was going to take them on the O-train today, he would have loved that! I think I have to take him in to work a bit this morning, I wasn't at work all day yesterday and I think I have a few meetings planned today that I will have to delegate...)

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Malinda said...

isn't sex and the city just the BEST movie?!!!! I went to see it twice with one of the girls from work and I can't wait to get it on DVD... I just love it. Nice to know that even if you hadn't watched the series that you still enjoyed it.

Way to go an the awesome choices yesterday from where I sit it looks like you're living the balanced diet/lifestyle!!! :-)

Anne said...

So proud of you!! Great choices :)

I LOVED the movie! I was a big fan of the series and so want to see the movie again.