Thursday, July 10, 2008

So far today

Exercise: 5K run and 1K walk (yay)
Food - yesterday wasn't too hot. A bit of an unplanned today, and maybe two fajitas at K & P's last night, they were just so good!

Yikes, I just got an interview for a new job. I applied for it a couple of months ago and just figured I didn't make the screening, but apparently I did. I'm weirded out for a few reasons:

A) In the last week and a bit I've talked with the head of our division and my own manager, saying I need things to change around here because I'm bored. So they said how I'm so valuable (blah blah blah) that they will do anything to keep me. So starting September there are new changes (not sure what yet, but they promised). Now, I don't think it's necessarily me, our division is just super short staffed so I'm another "body" they don't want to lose. Maybe it's a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. Now I'm not sure what those changes are, or if they will actually stick to their word or not.

B) I'm pregnant and feel awkward accepting a job where I would be telling them in 4 weeks that I'm pregnant for February. I know lots of people do it, I can legally do it, but it's one of those "I don't feel right" doing it type of things.

C) There are 4 people in my group and one's last day is tomorrow, one woman is on leave (income averaging) for the rest of the summer and so it's the other girl and me all summer (and she specializes in a different type of drugs so she can't really cross cover). But, this IS the gov't so even if they offer me something, who knows when a starting date would be....

Anyways, I'm obviously going to go to the interview. It's a dept I've wanted to move to for a while, it's super super interesting, lots of room for movement and there's a Development Program associated with this type of classification (a new classification for me) where you can move up to the next level without even changing jobs. Like a promotion, which is not very common in gov't.

Another bonus(es)? Right now it takes me 25 minutes to get to work, the possible new job is 15 minutes from home, free parking (right now I pay $140/month in parking), AND there is a gym right downstairs (another location of the same gym I go to now, but not a 5 minute walk away), and if I went back? Goodlife a 2 minute drive away. But those are just added bonuses, and won't influence me taking the job or not.

4 people had this to say:

desajair said...

How the heck early did you get up to get a 5K run in already????

I'm totally in awe. You go girl!

Malinda said...

i guess in the interview you'll get a sense of whether or not to just be honest and say I'm due in Feb. and see where it takes you.... if they really want you maybe there would be another position they are looking to fill in the future and you could be the one to fill that role?? I think working closer to home is ideal. My drive takes me 30+ minutes and I have to deal with cottagers heading north when I'm leaving work on Friday afternoon which can add an extra 20-30 minutes to my commute.

I can't wait to hear how it pans out. Everything happens for a reason!

Anne said...

Best of luck on the interview!!
I would LOVE to work closer to home! The Orleans-Hull commute is killer in the winter.

CaRoLyN said...

I agree with Malinda. I would go to the interview and then feel it out from there, see how you feel about the new position and if the pros outweight the cons than go for it! Congrats!

And kudos to you for running 5K! Wahooo!