Sunday, July 13, 2008

Late night!

I go to bed early. Like I mean I'm definitely in bed before 10 most nights (yes, that includes weekends). My friends all have kids, so normally our dinners are based around their schedules, so we go out early and get home early. Special nights if we have a babysitter, we may stretch it till 11, but when we all get up early with kids and spend full days running after them, no one is much in the mood to stay out.

Last night my girlfriend Lisa wanted to do dinner and a movie. So after I got Carson all cleaned up and jammies on, we headed out to Moxies (yum!) and then saw the movie Wanted. Dinner was delicious (I wanted a Moxie sized mojito!) and the movie was great. It started at 10 though, so I only got home at 12:30. That was super late for me. I slept in till 8 (probably the latest I've slept in in a year). We've had a lazy morning already, a quick trip to Costco, and now all my boys are asleep and I'm writing my menu plan for the week and then running out to do a few groceries.

I predict tonight will be an early night for me.

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