Saturday, July 12, 2008

If you aren't jealous, you should be

Of my lunch. It was (is) delicious!

Lettuce. Grilled chicken. Tomatoes. Onions. Pumpkin Seeds. Cranberries. A sprinkle of goat cheese. Annie's Goddess Dressing.

This week was um.. less than stellar. There may have been pizza for dinner one night (we got home so late!), Haagen Daaz (I'm pretending it was a craving), potluck at work (homemade samosas, eggrolls, scrummy veggie dishes, chocolate mousse cake and coconut cream pie), and all that topped off with thai for supper last night.

But this week also included 4 days of exercise, lots of water, and maintaining my weight (until it catches up with me). Even though I've indulged, I feel fantastic. I have more energy then I have had in months. Carson and I got up this morning and he came with me on a 6K run. Then we stopped off at friends for a bit and walked the 1.5km home. After his nap we are headed back for Jaeda's birthday party, where I will steer clear of the food table (hence the huge salad now) and will keep myself busy playing with the kids and catching up with my friends. I've packed up a bunch of my summer maternity clothes (I'm planning on NOT needing them this summer) and am loaning them to my girlfriend who is due a few days before me but feels kind of bloated. I LOVE passing along clothes rather than them just sitting in my closet.

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