Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh yeahhh...

I have no problems posting about one of my closest friends ever (we met when we were just 13) having a due date 3 days before me! (I say I have no problems because none of my real life friends (except T and A *giggles, T and A*) read this blog.

And I just found out a very dear, close friend (albeit virtual) having a due date maybe two weeks after me.

How lucky am I?

It's actually kind of fun, because it's the first pregnancy for my real life friend, so it's neat to experience it with from someone who's going through it for the first time. So many things I can tell I'm already taking advantage of because I've already done it. (and between you and me, I giggle at some things that I stressed over so much the first time around, and she is now, and now that it's my second time I'm like a thousand fold more relaxed. Like I haven't read anything about what stage the baby is at, what I should be eating/drinking, which reminds me to pull out some of my books tonight).

And my other sweetheart of a friend, is we are going through it this time around together (our first were also mere weeks apart), so it will be nice to be able to talk to someone who's been through it, so we can compare the second time to the first time, we can talk about it together, having both been there before....). Really, it's the best of both worlds.

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Teresa said...

Coming out of lurkdom to say I love your blogs. Congrats on the pregancy. All the best.

Sonya said...


Great news about BOTH of your friends.:-) And AMAZING news about you! You're going to make such a smashing mommy. And a fit one too.