Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ooohhh lordy

Up approximately 10 lbs since "it" happened. This isn't good. Not at all. Plus I leave on Friday for two weeks vacation, where I will be surrounded by the most delicious dairy bar icecream plus my MIL fabulous cooking and baking. I must be strong, I must be strong. Tonight I will be buying a new journal (heh, I was talking to my friend about journals about how I feel so much better starting fresh with a new journal and the perfect pen) and at least writing everything down. Plus, I walk almost every day while I'm there, especially since I've had Carson. So at least if I am getting exercise in, that should at least maintain this horrible gain.

I want to start trying again for a baby in September so that gives me a full month to rid myself of this weight. Normally I know that 10 lbs in one month is an outrageous goal, but I'm sure I would be down about 5 lbs after eating well for a couple days, so it's not totally unrealistic.

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Amy said...

Sounds like you've got the plan for a successful vacation!

I always make a goal when things are going to be tricky. Ie- this weekend we're going camping. I'll be surrounded by temptation. My goal: Go for a run on Sunday morning... and eat when I'm hungry, not because its the 'cool thing' to do! haha

desajair said...

Woot--and all the school supplies are out so there should be lots of journals and pens to pick from. Oh, such a good idea!

Sonya said...

Indigo / Chapters has some really lovely journals on sale - they have beautiful prints on the cover. Not only am I obsesses with make-up, but stationary too.;-)

You'll do great while you're away!

Christy said...

Thanks ladies! Amy - you always amaze me with your workout dedication. Desa - I'm SO excited!
Sonya - if we lived any closer my bank account would be close to zero with all the shopping we'd do!