Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What I've been through in the last couple weeks, I'm SO happy to just receive an email telling me that a girl I know through my good friend Lisa is pregnant after having desperately trying to conceive after 1.5 years!

Plus, my three pregnant girlfriends whom I love to death - I thought I would maybe feel resentment towards them, but I can happily report that I don't. That I am super excited for each and every one of them, despite some obstacles they have faced or are facing now.

It's certainly nice to be able to eat again. After fasting for 24 hours yesterday, right before surgery I told Jeff I wanted A&W on the way home (strange craving for me to have!) but all I could stomach afterwards was two arrowroots and some applejuice. This morning I've had toast with peanut butter and bananas (that Jeff made for me), a popsicle and a bowl of Vector cereal.

My legs are really tingly - maybe during the operation they had to keep my legs positioned in a certain way and that's why they feel like this? Anyways, I haven't napped yet, my mind is going a million miles a second, about everything that needs to be done before we go. I just finished uploading 106 pictures to be printed to take to my grandmother's and Jeff's family, done 3 laundries and after my sister and her husband come visit and bring lunch (yes, I'm totally spoiled) I PROMISED Jeff I would nap. I can't wait till Carson gets home. He was SO happy to see me, my caregiver even wrote in his book that he was saying my name all day. She said he wasn't upset, just kept saying mommy. I'm happy knowing that we will all be on vacation in 3 days for two full weeks!

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