Monday, July 7, 2008

Typical Monday

This morning was great, it felt good to have a shower, to get work clothes on, to put make up on, to brush my hair....

1- my tupperware with my watermelon leaked through my lunchbag onto my white pants
2- I thought there was enough hot water in the kettle for my tea (yes, I'm still drinking green tea even though I'm pregnant), but it only got filled 3/4 so now I have to wait for more water to boil
3- My oats exploded in the microwave, so now I only have half the container left and no more breakfast!

Moving on...
I lost a couple lbs this week (3) but I'll chalk it up to the flu (even though I ate 3 meals yesterday). My goal is to maintain this weight for my first trimester. That's 5 more weeks. Ideally it will be longer than that, but let me get there first.

2 people had this to say:

JavaChick said...

Hope the rest of your day goes better. At least you are over the flu!


Malinda said...

thank you Christy... that means a lot even if we don't know each other well.

don't you just love mondays? ugh!