Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week 7 Day 2

Close your eyes if you's not a pretty site!

I documented my body changes during my last pregnancy, and seeing as I am a glutton for punishment, I must do it again.

I have to say I love my immune system. I hardly ever get sick, and even when something gets passed onto me, I never have it as bad as the passee. I'm feeling way better, just a little weak (lack of food, water), but I know after tonight's sleep I will be raring to go tomorrow.

I got the briefest of brief headaches today, and got scared (last pregnancy I had a headache for the WHOLE first trimester) but it's gone... whew. Crisis averted! Does your immune system have anything to do with headaches? That's one thing that I often get (although, not as often since I had Carson) - my mom gets them and my grandfather did too. Lovely genes to pass along (those and coldsores!). Anyways, I'm finally off to bed. My legs have stopped being achy so I'm sure I will crash pretty quickly.

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