Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back - in bad shape but will get better

Ok, so vacay is over. I already miss PEI, looking out at the ocean whenever I want and being surrounded by my favourite inlaws (honestly, I'm so lucky to have married into such an awesome family) - but I'm VERY happy to be home (we drove 14 hours yesterday to make it home in one day, tricky with a 2 year old).

I looked at the scale last night and trust me ladies, it was the worst number I've seen in about a year. It scared me silly. But, I'm feeling very positive about the next couple of months. My sister in law (who's like a sister to me) is such a good example of what it takes to be healthy, and she's like my own personal psychiatrist. After talking to her, I feel so optimistic and excited about being healthy. So rather than pout and be depressed about the extra poundage for the summer, I'm focussing on eating healthy, moving more, drinking more water (I always suck at that on vacation) and making sure I set a good example for Carson to follow. A very brilliant friend of mine made a goal of not eating anything she wouldn't give to her daughter and I am going to follow her lead.

I bought a new journal, I always feel better about myself when I'm writing about my trials and tribulations of being healthy. I thought about taking a break from my blog, I find sometimes I'm too embarassed to admit what I've eaten, or how I have strayed, but I have to remember I'm writing this blog for ME and not anyone else.

This is a rather rambling post but I just had to get my thoughts out there.


4 people had this to say:

Anne said...

Glad to hear you had such a great holiday. I also love your new way of thinking :)

Amy said...

Welcome home Christy! I missed you horribly...

Here's to a fresh start! :)

desajair said...

Welcome back! I've missed my email buddy! We'll have to get together this week!

Anonymous said...

Wheee! You're back! Missed you, my lovely friend.

Your attitude is amazing, and I'm so glad you had a great time on holiday.

You'll be back to your rigorous schedule in no time, don't worry.;-)


mv (too tired to log into blogger!)