Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No time!

FINALLY the servers are up and running, so I'm working like a madwoman. I'm acting for my manager today, still covering three divisions and basically catching up from before my holidays.

Needless to say, no time to blog. From work that is. Which is where I normally blog from, on my breaks.

Anyhoooo - loving the Beck Diet solution, I'm on day 2. I really like the book, the way things are explained and so many things ring true for me. I have sticky notes and highlighted some paragraphs. It's great. They make you write these Advantage Response cards which are basically a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. I made up this fancy pink index cardy thing and put it in my purse. I also posted the list in my car, in the fridge and on the mirror in my bathroom (my girlfriend once went to a motivational speaker and he said you should put the list of the ten things you want to accomplish in your lifetime on your mirror in your bathroom). And I LOVE reading the list over and over, it seriously gets me "prepped" for the day. Ok, I've only done it once but I've now started the day on such a good note.

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